Ok, so I am a little late on posting. Been kinda busy with my new son, work, and everything in between (mainly IRC). The reason I am posting about this episode is because I was welcomed onto the show as a Guest. If you have already seen it. Yes, I was nervous and Yes, I am ugly. Get it? Got it? Good. Ok, well I did a segment on applications that conviently fit onto a USB flash drive. Now, I only showed 4 on the show, my favorites. However there are about 32 applications that I would like to share. Which brings me to my second shout out to all the viewers: Yes, I have the complete list, Yes, it is publicly available, and NO I will not send, email, or IM you the link until the 10th. The reason for this is I was welcomed on the show as a guest as I said before and I respect their way of doing things, so I will retain the knowledge of the link until the rest of the show notes are released.

Oh by the way, if you don’t know about Hak.5, go to http://www.hak5.org/ and click on Episodes, you will see multiple links to many different ways to download the episodes.

You can find the list of USB applications that I previewed on the show at /pages/usbgoodies.html or by clicking on the link under static pages.