So, it’s over. ShmooCon and the meet up is finally over. I had a blast, but it put a tax on my time like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t imagine what life is like for the Shmoo group, especially Heidi. I will be posting all of the pictures on flickr shortly. I got to do a lot of other things at ShmooCon other than just the meet up. I had the distinct opportunity to help bag over 1000 bags with swag, Shmooballs, and adverts. And, yes, if you are reading this Freshman, I AM COMPLAINING! However, I will not complain about doing ShmooCon Labs. Here is the network diagram if you wanna see the extent of what would would have paled most enterprise networks. Ok, as for the meet up, I need a name for it, and I am totally not creative, so those 3 who read my blog, I charge you to help a fellow Internet addict out. We had people come from Pauldotcom, Hak.5, Cyberspeak, Martin Mckeay, SploitCast, Simple Nomad, Rodney from the Shmoo Group, Render Man, and a surprise showing of two other security podcasts you should definitely check out, Secthis and Cmdln. It went great except for a few things, which didn’t make it bad, just a little more interesting. Lets just say Murphy tried very hard. The manager that knew about our reservation, that gave us the ok to keep the place open late, and have a tab, went MIA. So we improvised by using a gift card that kept being passed around, taking over the whole place so that a reservation wasn’t needed, and moving the party to another bar after they forced us out. The travel to the bar was another story all by it’s self. We walk about 1.5 miles to the next bar, which no one was sure where it was. Now, “WE” is about 40 of the 50 to 60 people that were at Chipotle, all walking on the side walk, half drunk, a mile and a half. You are now thinking one of two things: 1. That would have been hilarious to see, or 2. People will walk the desert for free beer/drinks. Check out all the media coverage of the event: mubix