The contest that won two “hackers” PS3s at ShmooCon is now open to the public. I found this post on

ShmooCon07 “Hack it” Contest During Shmoocon2007 there was a contest open to interested hackers. If you’re curious about it but hadn`t chance to join the con, well it’s still open for you to check your skills but don’t expect any reward :> If you like to get familiar with challenges in Cons, you can try this one. It’s consisted of 8 levels, each one require different class of skills. you can try it HERE . If you’re not 31337 enough to solve them, here’s the answers for you but I highly recommend you NOT to get it before giving the challenge a try . Such challenges are cool until you do not have the answers and should get them yourself . Finally because this challenge comes from ShmooCon does NOT mean it’s something magical or hard to solve. By S. Hamid Kashfi

I suppressed the link to the answers. You can go to Kashfi’s page if you want those, you cheater. mubix