Well, it’s not the only answer but I will call them that because it’s what worked for me:

Sitting a couple rows down from the line so that no one would see me from the bus line I was targeting, I waited for the bus to come. As soon as it came rolling up and quickly moved into a dash for the door, timing it so that I could cut in line to be the 4th on. When contronted by the bus driver, I said that I had dropped my wallet a few stops back and and wanted to find it. Dropping my wallet while I ‘looked’ for it allowed me to certify this lie. I asked the busdriver if I could ride the bus back around to my original stop. He said yes and I was allowed to ride free of charge. And, due to all of this drama the target was already seated and others have taken up bubble-room spots (no body likes to sit together), so I didn’t look completely odd sitting next to the target. I even got up when a elderly woman came to sit down. By that time dialog was already started with the target and my honor was solidified by my kindness to others.

These challenges don’t have prizes or winners, it’s just here to make you think. The goal is not to raise too much suspicion and gain trust.