Recently there has been a lot of people in my scope that have been wondering about what “hacker” or security related podcasts are out there. iTunes does a horrible job at categorizing anything past “Technology”. That is where Hacker comes in. Not only can you get the main feed of ALL the hacker/security related podcasts out there, you can get even deeper. Droops, the maintainer of said monster, makes it so you can pick and choose what kind of shows you want to see by having individualized feeds based on categories, and as shows come and go from those categories the feed changes with it. Like hardware hacking, phreaking, linux, or just a stubborn BSD junkie. The other thing is, each show might belong to multiple categories

Your search is over, check out and drop one of the feeds into your pod cruncher of choice. Another awesome way to use this resource is dropping the feeds into Google Reader. Now you take the iPod out of the equation and you can keep up to date and play all of the shows you love directly from your browser.