@egypt and I have teamed up this year to teach at DerbyCon at the end of September. Here is the very basic outline of the class and subject to change:

(Sign up here: https://www.derbycon.com/training-courses/ )


  • Intro to the Framework
  • The history of the Framework
  • Ninja Demo
  • Usage
  • Recon
  • Exploitation
  • Pillaging
  • Post modules
  • Intro to Ruby
    • Getting your environment set up
    • Ruby Basics Strings, Arrays, and Methods oh my
    • IRB, Pry - The No-Spoon Portion
    • Navigating Documentation
  • Module Writing
    • Auxiliary Modules
    • Exploit Modules
    • Post Modules
  • Railgun (Windows and ?Linux?)
  • Meterpreter(s)
  • The Dread Pirate Reporting
  • LAB, LABs and more LABS


  • CTF + open LAB time

definitely open to requests for content, if you, as a student, would like a particular topic included.