TechTV back from the dead?


I am proud to announce that TechTV, the cable television channel that we know and USED to love might just be making a comeback. In an ‘Aliens’ sort of revival, a year and a half after they were pwnd ‘merged’, might be popping out on top of G4. For starters they are bringing back “Call for Help” with Leo Leporte. First seen on which is a blog written by, yup you guessed it Kevin Rose, the next move is that the G4 Founder and CEO who engineered the dumbass move ‘merger’ has been FIRED! released. There are so many blogs and IRC channels that are DEDICATED to bringing back TechTV that it surprises me that the suits over at G4 took this long to get the message.

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To learn more about the FORMER TechTV killer click HERE for his Bio at G4’s about page.

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