Reinvention of 007 + Back to the future = Really dumb idea


Update Some nice digg user decided to comment and inform me that this was the FIRST Bond book. Basically Bond before the toys. hmm, nope, still don’t like the idea.

**Ok. I’m pissed. **
Let me get this straight. You’ve got

  • A legendary name (“James Bond”)

  • A multi-million dollar market

  • A slew of Hollywood stars that have made 007 great

  • Fan clubs spanning the globe


  • 6 Video games

  • and 20 full length feature films

And you want to REINVENT the CHARACTER?!? Are you nuts? You want to make him YOUNG?! You want to make the new movie based on a FARCE that was done in 1967 WITH THE SAME NAME! AND YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY “Q” AND THE TOYS! Come on. You are taking away EVERYTHING that is BOND. Ok now that I am done ranting and raving at the lunatics that are making this STUPID IDEA a reality, here is a little background: I got home today and checked Engadget like always and I see this: Bond to fly solo without Q in Casino Royale? which led me to this blog: No Gadgets For New James Bond . I did some more research and found out that Casino Royale is already a DVD on Amazon. It was a 1967 FARCE to make fun of 007:

Editorial Reviews of “Casino Royale” 1967
John Huston was only one of five directors on this expensive, all-star 1967 spoof of Ian Fleming’s 007 lore. David Niven is the aging Sir James Bond, called out of retirement to take on the organized threat of SMERSH and pass on the secret-agent mantle to his idiot son (Woody Allen). An amazing cast (Orson Welles, Peter Sellers, Deborah Kerr, etc.) is wonderful to look at, but the film is not as funny as it should be, and the romping starts to look mannered after awhile. The musical score by Burt Bacharach, however, is a keeper. –Tom Keogh

Well, if you want to watch the REAL BOND. Check out this list on Amazon for all the REAL Bond movies: Listmania! All the Bond Movies

** Here is the official news from BBC: James Bond writer ‘reinvents’ spy**

To all the Bonds of old. We salute you. (And hope you don’t have to suffer through watching this movie)