GoPC links with ThinLinX


Unless you have been hiding under a rock, or just started reading this blog today. You have heard about GoPC. I featured it in my USB Goodies 2008 and I love their product. Now that they have entered into a “Strategic Alliance” with a company called ThinLinX. Now, the details of this alliance and the future it holds aren’t clear at the moment. And of course I have my own speculations. What are yours? 

To kind of get the ball rolling I’ll give you a brief intro to each company:


GoPC allows you to either through a web interface, or a portable app that you can have on a thumb drive, you can login to a virtual desktop. Having the ability to take a powerful machine with you whereever you go without having to lug around a laptop is a great experiance. I plug in my USB or surf to their site on an computer and I am instantly on my own customized desktop.

ThinLinX has incorporated the power and speed of NoMachine NX into a tiny box. These thin clients are set up to only allow the connection back to the mothership and connect you to your desktop. Making it a relatively safe enviroment for you to login to enterprise email, surf the intra and inter nets. 

Now, as a security addict, I tried to say away from word like “Cloud Computing” and “Secure”. Mostly becuase they have both become bad words in the industry. I plan on getting one and putting it through the ringers as it is the first thin client that I can afford at 99 bucks! 

I can’t wait to see what comes of these two companies.

Check out their press release at: - link