Ask and you shall receive - SumoLinux


 If you haven’t seen it yet, I posted about a Nerv-Labs Live DVD that included all kinds security distros in one bootable DVD. Which was also featured in Episode 0x415 of Hak5. Well, there were some things that it was kinda lacking, mainly Helix and Samurai.

Well, my buddy Marcus Carey from SunTzu Data did it up right. Let me introduce SumoLinux. SumoLinux has the following linux distributions on it:


You probably know what Backtrack 3 is, it’s the distro that is produced by the guys at Offensive Security. Helix 2.0 is the forensics distro, and Samurai is the awesome web application attack/assessment distro put out by InGuardians. But the last two you may not have heard of. DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke) is a disk wiping boot cd that has templates for DoD, Gutmann, and PCMP wiping standards. And last but not least is DVL (Damn Vulnerable Linux) which is a distro where you can learn security, starting from basic netcat listening to exploit development.

Thanks go to Marcus for making our dreams come true, now if I could just get another USB stick to put this on. Unetbootin here I come!