Facebook chat - All that and a bag of cheesy poofs


Wow. I have to admit, they did the Facebook chat right. I like how it looks and how it works. I would only change one this and allow chats to disembark from the status bar, but other than that, congrats. It is actually keeping me on Facebook longer.

Enough brown nosing, here are the pros and cons:

PRO: very well done layout - clean, crisp and not in the way

CON: I have no idea when one of my friends sign on or off, it would be nice to have to show something simple as - Bob signed on, and have it as an option to turn off for those who have reached their 5000 friend limit.

PRO: I now have access to all of those old friends and people that I have lost touch with over the years and didn’t know their email or IM address. This was already the case, but IMs are much more inviting to use.

CON: Like I said above, it would be nice if I could dock and undock the IM windows. being stuck to the bottom kinda gets annoying.

I still think that Facebook is littered with a lot of useless apps and spam, but the IM ability is helping to ween me back into trying and cleaning up my profile.

EDIT:Alright, either the Facebook code really fast, or I just didn’t know where to click, but I have been corrected. You can undock the IM interfcae by clicking on the shiloutte and clicking “Pop Out Chat”. This will create a new window and put all of your chatting in the new window. After you are done being pop’ed out, just click Pop-In on the upper right and you are back to normal. While this isn’t the 100% solution I was looking for (Ajax floating chat boxes that could be together or seperate or tabbed)