Vonage and Ekiga on SUSE Linux

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Vonage and Ekiga on SUSE Linux

For the first time ever, I lost my cell phone. No freakin’ idea where it went and this IS the first time I have every lost a phone. Quite pissed.

Regardless…in my searchings for a better way I figured I’d take a look at VOIP using Ekiga. I have been a Vonage user for several years now so that was my first stop. I found an article that outlined using kphone with Vonage so I started digging.

First, you must have a softphone number from Vonage. It’s 9.99 per month and you can register for one at Vonage (do email me as you will get me a free month and I can get you an extra month free!).

Once you have signed up for a softphone number and received all of the gory details simply open Ekiga and input the following into a new account:

Account name - I used Vonage

Registar -

User - enter your complete softphone number - don’t forget the “1″

Password - enter the password Vonage provided.

Once you click the checkbox to activate it you will see “Registered to” and you are all set.

Enter in a phone number and enjoy calls through Vonage on Linux!!