Microsoft making secret power plays?


Recently I have been hearing a lot of innovators posting to their blogs that they are pursuing new employment with Microsoft, and I wonder if they are making sneaky power plays into the Open Source market. Taking it’s best projects and plucking their leads. For example:

KnoppMyth Creator:

EDIT: The above article seems to be an April Fools joke that I was late to the party on. Thanks to Mark for calling me out.

Castle Cops - Owner/Operator - Paul Laudanski

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone needs their family and Open Source is a thankless job sometimes. I am not trying to dog on them for going Microsoft. I am just wondering if they are doing this to give these gents a job and make their product better, or just get rid of supporting competition.

Just my rant on what I am seeing. Sounds a bit like eh?

– mubix