Comcast: The start of a new series


Now, I don’t like to publicly bad mouth companies, but at some point, Comcast’s lack of “service” has got to stop. Well, let me rephrase that: Comcast needs to be held accountable for their utter lack of due diligence. I have been a Comcast customer by default ever since they swallowed the portion of Adelphia that held my area. I say this because only recently, have I actually had a choice in the matter. So, without further ado, here is my latest Tales from Comcast Customer:

Having recently moved, I decided that even though I have a choice, incurring additional “setup” fees for switching services was not something I wanted. So they guy was there 5 days after I moved in, ran the line, and we were hot with both digital cable, and speedy internet service. I came home from work, ran some speed tests and was delighted to see that I had just almost tripled my speeds from my previous residence.

Weeks go by, and this line that the Comcast installer ran from the box to my house is still strung across my lawn. I call and they say they will send someone out to put it down as soon as possible.

2 months later, I call again; they cannot see in their system that a request to put a line in the ground was ever submitted. After 20 minutes of trying to ensure that the “Customer Service Representative” fully understood that there was actually, physically, an orange coaxial line, above ground, strung across my front lawn, that was Comcast’s responsibility, she submitted a new request.

1 week after the new request, I come home to a Comcast truck in the driveway. YIPEE!, nope, he was there to fill out the request for a contractor to come and put the line in the ground. So basically he had no purpose in life or in my driveway.

2 weeks after the new request, no contractor, but someone at some point came by my house and spray painted lines on my lawn where my line should be in the ground. (And no, I didn’t miss a call or the contractor coming)

3 weeks after the new request, the wife is fed up and she has me call Comcast after our TV goes out for no apparent reason. Guess what I got when I called? A busy signal. That just doesn’t compute in my head. How is Comcast going to present me with a busy signal for a 24 hour service line? Anyways, the next day I call and actually get through. Now guess what they told me? Nope, they had the request, but it was for September!? The “Customer Service Representative” was nice enough to move it up to this Saturday.

To Be Continued….


Once this event has run its course, it will be filed under “Stupid People” in the links menu, under “Tales of a Comcast Customer: EP1”