Comcast Cares?


So after my last post, which autotwittered, I got a reply from a guy by the name of Frank Eliason, who goes by the handle “ComcastCares” on Twitter. And this is how the converation went:

mubix: Blogged Comcast: The start of a new series

5 days ago

comcastcares: @mubix I would like to help. Email me *********[snipped] (new email:

5 days ago

mubix: @comcastcares it shouldn’t come to the point where you need to help. I expect a certain level of service for the golf time I am paying for

about 3 hours later

comcastcares: @mubix The golf time?

2 minutes later

mubix: @comcastcares the premium that I pay monthly helps pay for Comcast execs trips to the golf course

about 1 hour later

comcastcares: @mubix Oh! I have not been golfing in a long time. Actually I do not know any golfers here. I guess I should make more friends

So after I’m done insulting the guy, he still goes out of his way to help me out. The very next day after this twitter conversation happens, a “gumbling” as my wife put it, contractor came to my house and put the cable in the ground. So I would like to give notice to Comcast: Frank Eliason is the best employee you have, if he every leaves or gets fired, I’m switching providers. To those who have problems with Comcast and their customer support, click the email link above and Frank will fix any problem you have, or at the very least he will know who to contact and with get things actually moving.

Thank you Frank.