Workshop at ToorCamp with Dark0perator


Dark0perator and I will be giving a workshop at ToorCamp coming up July 2nd-5th:

You can find us on the ToorCamp site:

Here is the description of our talk, save the bio(s):

The Art of Pivot and Persistence: Shell is only the beginning.

This workshop is based on the assumption that you have some level of access on a target system. From that it is demonstrated how to go from that level of access to taking over the whole company and how to keep that access, surviving reboots, AV scans, and even reimaging. The following levels of access is covered:

  1. Domain Administrator access on a domain controller
  2. Local Administrator access on a client machine
  3. Root on a Database server
  4. Root on a Web server
  5. User on a client machine
  6. User on a Database server
  7. User on a Web server