Practical Exploitation


Practical Exploitation is going to be me, explaining things in the way that I see the world on the best medium for what I’m explaining, be it a short blog blurb, a video of me, a video of a desktop, or just audio. There is no schedule that I’ll be sticking to, but I will guarantee you 3 things though:

  1. If you want it explained and it has to do with infosec or hacking (I’ll do my best on the hardware side), it will be on the show. Be it a white paper that you don’t have time or want to decrypt, a tool you can’t figure out, or just something you want to learn more in-depth. That’s what it’s for.
  2. No fluff, I’ll get straight to how you use it or can understand the topic.
  3. If your bullshit flag goes up for even an instant, call me on it, and I’ll either explain why I said what I did, or apologize and correct myself. You can email, tweet, PM, IM, ask a question on the tumblr site, or just haul up and punch me at a con. Either way, please take the time to tell me I’m wrong and why.

It launches today. I’ll start with topics that I know cold, I’ll move on to white papers that I thought were interesting but haven’t read yet, hopefully intermingling in anything you want to learn about.

and email: questions at the same domain.

or call: (503) 406-8249

P.S. and Mubix Links aren’t going anywhere. If anything they will probably start getting updated more. Room362 with stuff I cook up, as always, and Mubix Links with anything I find interesting on the web.