Cyber Pickpocketing



So I’ve been working on a training package that takes a bit of a different approach than what I’ve normally done. The training breaks down like this:

  • Day 1: Local LAN based exploit (Windows)
  • Day 2: Remote Web based exploit (Linux)
  • Day 3: Client side exploit (Windows)
  • Day 4: Local exploit (FreeBSD)
  • Day 5: Network of the Seven Bells Test

Each day (save for the 5th) will focus on a single exploit, explaining it, running it on virtual machines, and spending 8 hours diving into as many detectable changes that exploit makes on a system.. and how to not make them or make them vanish.

Day 5 will be a lot like a CTF where you know all the answers. First one to get all 7 exploits completed without being detected wins.

Venue is TBD but I’ve been putting a lot of time into making the VMs and slides and stuff just needed to get some feedback on what you guys think.

Let me know in the comments (something more valuable then, “great idea!” or , “thats stupid” please)