Compile NFSShell on Ubuntu


This is here because I always forget how to do it

  1. sudo apt-get install libtirpc-dev libncurses-dev
  2. wget
  3. tar zxvf nfsshell.tar.gz
  4. cd nfs
  5. ln -s /usr/include/tirpc/rpc/clnt_soc.h /usr/include/rpc/clnt_soc.h
  6. perl -p -i.orig -e 's/getline/getline_nfs/' nfs.c

Next part I don’t have a good way to automate. You need to go in and comment out (w/ #) the 4 lines following “uncomment the following 4 lines for Solaris 2.x” and uncomment the 2 lines following “For GNU readline support you need to add”

After that a simple “make” should get you ./nfs sitting there for your use.

Will probably make a repo out of this so I don’t have to keep doing it..