BlackHat/Def Con/BSides Talk Picks for 2016

Each year I make up a list the week before Blackhat and Def Con of talks that I “can’t miss” and some that I want to see (and use it for video watching afterwards for those I missed). This year I thought I would share that list here. I will be breaking them down by each day of the events by time slot. Any talk I have a :star2: by, is a “Must see” for me.

If you are a blogger as well, I’d love to see other people’s picks. Drop me a link in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter


Aug 2 - Tuesday

Unfortunately I’ll have to miss these due to teaching, but these are the ones I would go to if I could.

Aug 3 - Wednesday


Aug 3 - Wednesday

Aug 4 - Thursday


Aug 4 - Thursday

Aug 5 - Friday

Aug 6 - Saturday

Aug 7 - Sunday