Family Mission Statement


I love this so much I wanted to keep it around. I googled to see if this was posted somewhere in text form but I couldn’t find it. Traditionally I haven’t been a fan of daily mantras, but I’m thinking about talking to my kids about repeating this one.

From @emmalinecs on Tiktok:

For those who don’t want to click on a Tiktok link or use the service I’ll set the scene a bit. This mom, Emma, repeats the following with her kids on the video. I’m not sure if this is a daily thing or not, but I will imagine it as so. Much of change is incremental generational movements. You don’t move a mountain using one big heave, you do so by relentlessly changing it bit by bit. Persistence is power.

If you look or sound different, trans or gay,

I love and respect you every single day.

I speak up for what’s right and help those when they need.

I follow my instincts, they’re the path that I lead.

I nurture my soul, my body, my mind.

I don’t need to be perfect, to myself I’ll be kind.

If I need help, I will ask, that’s the brave thing to do.

And if I do something wrong, I’ll say sorry to you.

I’ll forever work hard, explore, learn and play.

I don’t need to have it all sorted, but I’ll do these each day:

Loving thoughts, loving words, loving heart on this day,

I am safe, I am loved, life is great… Hip hip! Oh yay!