Ok, yeah you’ve got me. This is old news. But COME ON! Someone needs to send a Marine Drill Instructor over to the Army and woop these guys into shape! The windows version of America’s Army version 2.4 came out May 16th 2005. That is a 127 days (4 months) at the time of this post. Where are the Linux and Mac versions?!?! We are still stuck in version 2.3. They haven’t even release an update so we can at the very least run linux servers! They are loosing a very large user base because of this HUGE gap that is going on. Someone needed to say something. Hopefully they will here my voice. On this forum, no mod can lock me out. I will be patient, because I like the game, but my patience and countless other’s patience is wearing thin. Who knows, Microsoft (aka Bill) could have made a deal with the Army. But who am I to speculate.