I am truely getting tired of iPhone “Web Apps”. I created the title like I was going to give them a fair chance, but they truely have ZERO integration into the actual phone. They do have a pretty interface and I have to give props to some of the design developers, but does this seem more of a copout to anyone else?

I’ll give an example. I LOVE Remember the Milk. It is probably the best task system out there in my opinion. I have for the longest time tried to get tasks on my phone and have it integrate into my calendar. So I was very excited about the new iPhone and the possibility that there would be a killer app for calendar / todo syncing with the service I already love, RTM. To my shock I found they had a Web App. What does this do for me? I now can add tasks to my to do and RTM can email or text me when something comes up. I find this pointless, because I can simply add tasks with a full qwerty keyboard at the nearest computer with a internet connection. PLUS to add to it, RTM wants me to “Go Pro” in order to… use their WEBSITE? Hmm, pay 25 dollars and use their iPhone friendly web site, or just use their normal site from my iPhone…. I am not against paying for a product, and I am especially not against supporting a developer, but don’t make me pay for VISITING YOUR WEB SITE.

I feel that a lot of these “Web Apps” are a complete waste of developers time, instead give me an ACTUAL iPhone App! Now, if Apple is charging all kinds of money to be published to the App Store than I retract all I have said. If not, you are missing the boat people, charge 9.99 a pop and make an iPhone app that is worth downloading. I promise that I won’t be the only one pushing that “Purchase” button.